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The Key To Effective Whitefly Control Around Your Pompano Beach Property

whiteflies on a leaf.

Just because a pest doesn’t pose any direct threats to humans, it doesn’t mean that the pest can’t still do extensive damage that affects us in other ways. One such pest, that we have to deal with here in Pompano Beach, is the whitefly. While whiteflies may not pose any direct threats to humans, they can do substantial damage to our ornamental plants, gardens, and trees. Because of this, you need to know what your options are to keep your Pompano Beach property protected from these destructive pests.

Identifying Whiteflies

Despite their name, whiteflies are not related to true flies but are instead closer to aphids, mealybugs, and scales. Whiteflies are prolific breeders and can develop quickly in the warm weather here in Florida, as a single female can lay up to 400 eggs at a time. Whiteflies are yellow in color and feature four white wings from which they have acquired their name. In addition to this, they have piercing mouthparts that they use to suck the sap out of plants.

There are two species of whitefly that are common to the area. They are the ficus whitefly and the spiraling whitefly. Although they are similar in appearance, they differ in their appetites. While the ficus whitefly, as its name might suggest, prefers to feed on ficus hedges, the spiraling whitefly, on the other hand, prefers to make its meals on other plants, such as gumbo limbo and coconut palms. Overall, it doesn’t matter which species of whitefly you are dealing with; you don’t want them growing and developing around your home.

Damage Caused By Whiteflies

The majority of the damage caused by whiteflies is to the various plants that grace the Florida landscape. Whether it’s the gumbo limbo, the coconut palms, or the ficus hedges, almost no plants are safe from these destructive pests. They destroy leaves, inhibit growth, and can kill the entire plant if given the opportunity.

Besides destroying the plants and trees, some species of whiteflies secrete a powdery-like substance referred to as “honeydew”. While honeydew isn’t damaging to plants, it is a sticky substance that can coat outdoor furniture and fixtures which then attracts damaging sooty mold. Therefore, whether it’s the plants in your yard or the furniture on your patio, there’s a number of reasons you don’t want whiteflies to invade your property.

The Trouble With Whitefly Prevention

While there are some preventative measures you can take to limit whiteflies such as removing plants that attract them and plucking infected leaves, these measures are ineffective in controlling whitefly populations around a property. Unfortunately, the more effective whitefly control solutions are sometimes beyond our control, such as the natural predators that feed on whiteflies. For you to effectively handle the whitefly population it is important to contact the trained pest professionals today.

The Best Method For Whitefly Control

At the first sign of whiteflies on your property, you should contact the trained pest experts here at Pest-Aside. By partnering with the experienced professionals here at Pest-Aside you can effectively control your whitefly infestation. Pest-Aside is committed to providing you with 100% satisfaction. We have the experience and the expertise required to effectively eliminate any whitefly infestation which may have invaded your property. We will also work with you to create a treatment plan to ensure that your Pompano Beach property is better protected from any future whitefly infestations. You care about protecting the plants around your property., and we care about your satisfaction. So, don’t suffer the effects of destructive whiteflies. Give the pros here at Pest-Aside a call today.