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Here's How To Tell If Your Pompano Beach Home Has Bed Bugs

bed bug on a headboard.

Who doesn’t love their bed? On a November day in Pompano Beach, FL, sometimes the warmth of the bedroom is preferable to anything else. However, Pompano Beach residents aren’t the only people who agree – bed bugs feel much the same way.

Bed bugs are some of the most common home infestations in the world, including right here in Pompano Beach. These pesky parasites often enter homes completely unnoticed, but the problems they cause are certainly noticeable. Let’s explore what these pests look like and the problems they cause to Pompano Beach residents.

Bed Bug Identification Tips

Usually, people don’t know they have a bed bug infestation right away. Rather, Pompano Beach homeowners wake up with small, itchy welts that last about a week. Since these pests are quiet, undetected insects, what do they actually look like?

Bed bugs generally only grow to be a quarter-inch in length. They are light brown or reddish-brown in color and often grow darker once they’ve ingested blood. Why do bed bugs like your home? Overnight, these nocturnal critters drink blood from exposed skin on your body.

Bed bugs are known for being both the size and shape of an apple seed. Like many insects, they have six legs and two short antennae. If you see them in your bed or around your furniture, it will most likely be at dusk or dawn.

These pests are often referred to as hitchhikers because they move from place to place on other people. A bed bug will latch onto an article of clothing or a book bag and stay there until you get home. Only then does it crawl out and start crowding around the couch or bed.

Bed bugs are usually picked up in high traffic areas, such as schools, airports, bus stops, hotels, and libraries. Additionally, they might already be hiding in someone’s used furniture and appliances, or even in grocery bags or shipping boxes.

Since these pests can get in from anywhere, it’s important to ask: are they dangerous to my family?

The Dangers Of Bed Bugs

The good news is: bed bugs don’t pose an immediate danger to your health. They aren’t known to transmit diseases on their own, and they aren’t venomous.

The bad news is: these pests can be harmful over time, and the longer you wait to deal with an infestation, the worse it can get.

Untreated bed bug problems pose the following health concerns to Pompano Beach residents:

  • Insomnia. Simply having these pests around the house can make people lose sleep, knowing they will probably wake up with additional bites.

  • Anemia. If bed bugs stick around long enough, the blood and mineral loss from these bloodsuckers can cause anemia.

  • Psychological distress. The bed is a safe space in your home. What happens when the bed is no longer safe?

  • Secondary infections. Bed bugs themselves do not transmit disease, but the welts from scratching can allow other diseases in.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Pompano Beach Homes

Finally, bed bugs are a problem because they are so difficult to remove from your home. Since bed bugs are so small, they can fit inside of the tiniest spaces and hide anywhere in your property. Bed bugs will wait in the cracks of your home until you’re fast asleep, and only then do they crawl onto your bed and feast.

Bed bugs are a universal problem, and they’re just as hard to prevent as they are to get rid of. When bed bugs find their way into your Pompano Beach property, your best solution is to contact the bed bug professionals at Pest-Aside, Inc.