Whitefly Identification & Prevention

What are whiteflies?

Whiteflies are not true flies; despite their name, whiteflies are related to aphids, mealybugs, and scales. These tiny insects are prolific breeders and develop quickly in warm weather, with a single female laying 200-400 eggs in her lifetime. Adults have yellowish bodies with four white wings. They have specialized piercing mouthparts they use to suck sap from plants. Nymphs can vary in color from transparent yellow, white, or black with white fringe. At this stage, they are wingless and lack visible legs.

several whiteflies crawling outside of a home in boca raton florida

Are whiteflies dangerous?

Whiteflies are not directly dangerous to people. They are, however, considered significant pests to ornamental crops and are responsible for a large amount of economic loss in the agricultural industry. Large populations of whiteflies feeding on plants can cause unsightly damage, stunt growth, or even kill plant the plants. Whiteflies excrete honeydew: a sweet, sticky substance that causes mold to develop on the plants they feed on and attracts other insects to those plants.

Why do I have a whiteflies problem?

Whiteflies are on your property because there are plants available for them to feed on. Properties that have ornamental plants, trees, vegetable gardens, and other leafy plants will attract large populations of whiteflies, and they can also be transferred to properties on infested plants and vegetables purchased from greenhouses or other retail spots.

Where will I find whiteflies?

Whiteflies thrive in warm weather and are a common sight throughout Southeast Florida and other tropical and subtropical regions. Whiteflies live and feed on the underside of leaves during all stages of their life cycle, and they are especially attracted to vegetables and ornamental plants such as hibiscus and mulberry trees. Whiteflies are considered outdoor pests but sometimes get into homes inside potted plants.

How do I get rid of whiteflies?

The best way to eliminate problems with whiteflies in your Southeast Florida home or business is to partner with an experienced professional. At Pest-Aside, we offer the residential and commercial services needed to get rid of whiteflies and other common Florida pests at an affordable price. We are 100% committed to our customers and their pest control needs. To learn more about our pest control services, call Pest-Aside today!

How can I prevent whiteflies in the future?

Preventing problems with whiteflies on your Delray Beach or Southeast Florida property is a difficult task, but here are some tips to help avoid an infestation:

  • Remove ornamental plants and trees from your property that continually attract whiteflies.

  • Remove infected leaves from plants.

  • Place reflective mulch in garden areas to repel whiteflies.

  • Become a partner with Pest-Aside at the first sign of whiteflies on your property.


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