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Dealing With Lawn Killing Organisms In Your Pompano Beach Lawn

white grubs on the ground.

When you bought your house and property, was your lawn lush, green, and beautiful? If so, how long did it take for you to figure out that it was going to take more than a weekly mowing to keep it that way? If you are here today wondering why your lawn is dying despite everything you are doing to keep it happy and healthy, you could be up against lawn killing organisms. To help you determine what types of lawn killing organisms are damaging your property, here are a few things you should know.

Lawn Pests Common Around Pompano Beach

Lawn pests are classified as creatures that inhibit healthy plant growth. To help you better understand the lawn pests around Pompano Beach, here is a basic description of each.
Mealybugs: Mealybugs are small oval-shaped, soft-bodied insects that are covered in a powdery-white wax coating. Further identify these pests by the projections that extend from their body, giving an appearance of multiple legs. Because of their distinct color, mealybugs are often mistaken as small spots of cotton when on plants.

Grubs: Grubs are just beetles before they are fully grown. Identify this pest by its soft, light-colored, wormlike body, and darker head. Most often, grubs are found beneath the surface of lawns or gardens within the soil. 

Chinch Bugs: Chinch bugs are distinctly colored with different spotted combinations of red, black, or white. Species of chinch bug that damage crops and turf the most are typically ⅛ to ¼ inch long. To get around, this pest uses two pairs of wings that fold up and under its back.

Sod Webworms: Often referred to as “lawn moths,” sod webworms are buff-colored, 1/2 to ¾ inch long insects with a long snout-like projection that extends from its head. The caterpillar stage of this pest’s development is the main cause of its damage around properties.

Are Lawn Pests Dangerous

Most lawn pests are harmless to humans, or at least not physically harmful; it’s what these pests do to lawns that cause the most pain for homeowners. As much of a hassle as it can be to maintain a lawn, we can all agree that healthy grass is much more pleasant to keep up with than dying grass. The biggest problem with yard pests is that no matter how much you water your lawn, apply fertilizer, aerate, or generally maintain it, it will still suffer damage.

How Lawn Pests Damage Lawns

Lawn pests damage lawns in three ways: by destroying root systems, damaging soil, or chewing on the grass itself. Depending on which species of lawn pests are present around your property, you might start to notice brown spots in your yard, insects around your lawn, bite marks on blades of grass, and holes dug into the soil. 

The Most Effective Way To Handle Lawn Pests

There is no easy way to prevent or eliminate lawn pests without professional help. To keep your grass and ornate plants happy and healthy year-round, trust the experts at Pest-Aside. We offer comprehensive treatment plans designed to effectively remove and keep destructive lawn pests off properties
Our team ensures only the highest quality services for Pompano Beach properties using only advanced pest control methodology and industry-leading treatments and equipment. 
Contact our team today to discuss your options, or schedule a service visit for your Pompano Beach lawn. Let us show you what utmost respect for customer services and a commitment to excellence could look like for your home and lawn.