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Pompano Beach's Ultimate German Cockroach Control Guide

German Cockroach on tiles in a kitchen.

Pompano Beach’s pristine white sand and vibrant water make it “the heart of the gold coast.” It serves as a sought-after destination for any water-loving visitor. We are not just talking about people, but insects too. There is one water and humidity-loving pest that lives in the warm climate of Pompano Beach, and you certainly don’t want them inside your property.

The German cockroach is notorious for its love of humidity and water. But unlike the beach faring tourists, these insects hide from sight. They might be inside your property hidden away from view. You should know the dangers of German cockroaches and the problems they bring to your property. Pest-Aside is here to help you use prevention tips to ward off these unwanted visitors from your Pompano Beach property.

German Cockroaches

Much like the tourists flooding the beaches each summer, cockroaches most likely traveled to your property. They are famous for hitching rides from place-to-place in grocery bags, boxes, cars, or suitcases. Growing to be an average of ½ an inch in size, German cockroaches are identifiable by their tan or brown coloring with a distinct set of parallel lines on their heads. German cockroaches also have wings. But be consoled, they only occasionally use their wings.

German cockroaches hide away in crevices and dark corners and make themselves at home. Content to breed and scavenge for food, German cockroaches are incredibly resilient and adaptable, making them one of the most formidable pests. Cockroaches can go weeks without food or water. Many build resistance to insecticides, then help other cockroaches avoid them by using pheromones to communicate.

They reproduce very quickly, and even their eggs are hard to kill. Cockroaches have an insane ability to regenerate lost limbs. Try to crush one lately? It may not be dead.

The Problem With German Cockroaches

German cockroach infestations go beyond revolting to dangerous when you consider how they spend their days. They traipse through human waste, through the sewers, through garbage, and through chemicals under your sink (a favorite hiding spot for cockroaches). Collecting all that bacteria, German cockroaches then transport that bacteria in and around your food and living areas. E. coli, hepatitis A, and salmonella are just three of over 33 bacterial illnesses spread by cockroaches.

Exterminating any roach is extremely difficult. But treating German cockroaches is particularly difficult. It may take several different treatment methods to make sure all of the eggs and adult cockroaches are gone from your home. Without knowing how to administer treatments, homeowners may inadvertently make the infestation worse because of the way cockroaches can build up a resistance to insecticides.

Not A Do-It-Yourself Project

For this reason, it’s important not to do it yourself when it comes to exterminating German cockroaches. The safest and most effective way to deal with a German cockroach infestation in your Pompano Beach property is to call a professional. Professionals know exactly where to look and what to do.

Before An Infestation

Before an infestation, there are a few prevention tips and practices to make your home a less attractive space for cockroaches. Cleanliness is one of the hallmark suggestions for a pest-free home.

  • Store your food in air-tight containers.

  • Eliminate leaks or moisture problems in your home. Consider a dehumidifier.

  • Empty the trash regularly.

  • Seal any cracks or openings that might be a place for cockroaches to hide.

  • Avoid storing belongings in cardboard.

  • Keep the sink empty and clean.

If you spot a German cockroach, or any cockroach, in your Pompano Beach property, it’s time to call Pest-Aside. Reach out to us today for prompt, professional assistance!