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The Dangers Wildlife Can Bring To Pompano Beach Properties

gray squirrel with an acorn in it's mouth.

Wildlife lives up to their name: they are wild, and why wouldn't they be? We can’t fault them for behaving the way they do, but we can do our best to ensure that they do it somewhere else. When they nest, burrow, hunt, or seek warmth in our homes, they destroy what we have spent a lot of money building. AAA Riteway & Pest-Aside is standing by to help keep your Pompano Beach home safe, and help you keep your property free of wildlife.

Common Property Invading Wildlife

We could never predict what could take up residence in your home. Heck, in Florida it could be a giant snake or an alligator. Stranger things have happened. We're going to stick to the list of usual suspects, in hopes that the snakes and gators stay away, even if you could get your 15 minutes of fame on the internet if they did show up.

  • Rodents - Rats, mice, squirrels, and chipmunks are known by most homeowners. They are very small, and can gain entry through minor holes and crevices. Not only are rodents harmful to your property, but they also carry various diseases.

  • Raccoons - Raccoons are notorious, and just plain obnoxious animals. They raid your home, living up to the nickname the bandit. Raccoons are responsible for causing expensive damages like attic repairs, chewing of insulation pipes, breaking fences, and digging up your yard.

  • Opossums - These creatures are truly scary looking, but in truth, they are good to have around. That is until they get into your house. They take the prize for the stinkiest poop (that is left in whatever crawl space they accessed), but the real problem is trying to get them out of your house. They will not go without a fight.

  • Skunks - It is obvious why having a skunk take up residence in your home can be troubling. That smell has a way of lingering, and don’t you know it.

The Dangers And Damage Wildlife Can Cause

These invaders will chew through your wiring, potentially causing fires. They will tear up your attic insulation, and what's left will be saturated with urine and poop. They will chew through the drywall. If they gain entry to the main living space of a closed seasonal house, you will most likely need to replace all of your Lilly Pulitzer fabric furniture. Your landscaping and outdoor living spaces are in jeopardy as well. All of those things can be repaired, and thus the most frightening and dangerous issue is the chance of diseases that the wildlife can bring into your home. We are supposed to feel safe in our homes, and trust that we will not be exposed to danger whilst lying on our sofa.

One other area that is often overlooked is automobiles. If a vehicle is left for too long, rodents will climb up into the car from underneath. A very safe and cozy place to start a family, wouldn't you say?

Safest Way To Handle Problem

Many types of wildlife are aggressive, especially when they feel trapped or cornered. You should not attempt to remove these animals yourself. The safest way to handle wildlife problems is with professional assistance. You can try traps and bait, but rarely do you get them all. Meanwhile, they continue to have babies in your attic. It won't be long before you meet the next generation of home invaders. We know that you are level-headed and rational, but we must caution against the use of explosives and firearms as a removal option.

AAA Riteway & Pest-Aside's Control Process

AAA Riteway & Pest-Aside offers one-time and ongoing treatment options for wildlife problems in Pompano Beach. Trapping and removal, baiting, exclusion work, and sanitizing are all part of the control process. We have been providing service to Broward and Palm Beach County for 25 years. Call us today for your completely free Wildlife removal estimate for your home.