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13 Easy & Effective Tips To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Pompano Beach Property

a Raccoon in front of a pond.

There is no denying that nature is a beautiful and wondrous place filled with incredible creatures. From a distance, these creatures can be fascinating to watch, but up close, it is a different story. No one likes seeing a raccoon knock over and tear through their garbage or having grey squirrels infiltrate their attics. If you commonly have trouble with wildlife on and around your property, we have 13 easy & effective tips you can use to keep them away.

Common Wildlife Problems In Pompano Beach

There are many small critters that cause trouble for homeowners here in Pompano beach. Some of the most common critters you will find around your home include:


Raccoons are the bandits of the animal kingdom. Although lacking opposable thumbs, raccoons use their paws and wits to get into places they shouldn’t be. Most commonly, raccoons are known for tipping over trashcans and rifling through them to find scraps of food.

Grey Squirrels

You cannot walk down the street without seeing at least one grey squirrel. Although fun to watch, grey squirrels are annoying pests. For starters, grey squirrels love getting into trouble. When squirrels get inside homes and outbuildings, it is common for them to tear up anything they can find to build their nests. This might include insulation, paper products, fabrics, and linens.


Opossums aren’t as destructive as they are dangerous. Specifically, opossums are capable of spreading a number of dangerous diseases to pets and humans. Just a few diseases opossums can carry and spread include leptospirosis, coccidiosis, spotted fever, and tuberculosis.


Foxes love digging holes. This makes them especially damaging to lawns and landscaping. In addition to this, foxes will mark territory with unpleasant scents and excrement, knock over waste or compost bins, screaming at all hours of the night, and dig up plants and flowers.


Armadillos love digging holes, or more specifically, burrows. These holes are unsightly and cause damage to lawns, undermine fences, and cause other areas throughout your Pompano property.

Prevention Tips For Detering Wildlife

You can't deter all wildlife in the same way, but many general tips will help exclude a variety of creatures from your property. Here are 13 prevention tips our experts recommend:

  • Install chimney caps on all of your chimneys.
  • Cover the tops of window wells.
  • Inspect your roof for signs of water damage.
  • Keep tree limbs and bushes trimmed at least six feet from your home’s exterior.
  • Build a reliable fence around your yard and or garden.
  • Invest in trash cans with tight,animal-proof lids.
  • Place birdbaths in areas wildlife cannot gain access to them.
  • Invest in squirrel proof bird feeders.
  • Keep your yard free of clutter and debris.
  • Feed your pets indoors rather than outside.
  • Store birdfeed and pet food where wildlife cannot gain access to it.
  • Consider plant choice and landscape design that deters wildlife.
  • Keep wells covered.

What To Do When Wildlife Settles On Your Property

Have wildlife turned your property into their permanent home? Our team here at Pest-Aside is here to help. We have the tools and training needed to effectively trap and remove wildlife from your property. We can even help you set up lasting defenses to keep wildlife in the future from causing trouble.

Reach out to our team today to find out more about our Pompano Beach wildlife control services, or to schedule an emergency visit for your Pompano Beach property.